Brooke Burke reflects on her connection with Derek Hough

Brooke Burke, famous for her bold statements, recently revealed this on the 'Dancing with the Stars' podcast.

She may have had an affair with her former dance partner Derek Hough, even though they had been dancing together for 15years.

The actress and TV personality, now 52, competed in the seventh season of the ABC reality competition in 2008.

Brooke did admit that she was dating her ex-husband, David Charvet, but she may have been unfaithful to her professional partner, Derek.

Speaking on the 'Sex, Lies & Spray Tans' podcast, Brooke revealed that she initially thought Derek was young and inexperienced.

Brooke said, "I actually hoped we would have had a relationship. I would have had a relationship with him."

She further explained that their intense connection was the result of connecting with someone's body every day during their dance routines.

This closeness and physical connection can lead to feelings like falling in love because you are constantly smelling, feeling, and breathing your dance partner.