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Britney Spears has revealed a deeply personal experience she kept private for two decades in her upcoming memoir, "The Woman in Me."

During her relationship with Justin Timberlake, Spears became pregnant with the singer and decided to have an abortion.

Spears wrote in the book that she viewed the pregnancy as a surprise, but not a tragedy.

She loved Justin very much and always hoped that she would start a family with him at some point, even though this pregnancy came much earlier than anticipated.

However, Justin Timberlake was not happy with the pregnancy, saying that he was not ready to have children and that they were too young.

At the time, Spears felt conflicted. She admits that if the decision had been hers alone, she would not have opted for abortion.

But ultimately he respected Timberlake's strong stance against fatherhood.

She describes this experience as one of the most traumatic moments of her life, and it still affects her today.