Blackpink perform solo at Coachella

The last time Blackpink were at Coachella in 2019, things were a little different.

For group one, they were not performing on the main stage, she (Jenny) performed a solo song.

Blackpink star Jennie delivers a stunning performance of "You and Me," her second single since "Solo."

On Saturday night, the group made history by becoming the first Korean act to headline Coachella.

Rather all four members brought their solo songs to the desert at Coachella.

Blackpink member Jisoo performs "Flower" from his newly released debut single.

Rosé and Lisa performed "Gone" and "On the Ground" from their single Project R, the former, and "Money" on the Coachella stage, the latter.

Blackpink Star said "All four of us are at Coachella because of you guys."