Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose married in as ‘Ethereal Celebration of Love’

On 10/10/23, Billy Ray Cyrus and singer Firoz exchanged vows in a beautiful and joyful wedding.

Uniting their souls in holy matrimony. The couple shared their happiness on Instagram with wedding photos capturing the magical moment.

The wedding day was described as a supernatural celebration. Billy Ray Cyrus expressed his happiness in the caption, emphasizing the significance of the day they were pronounced husband and wife.

The couple's union was sealed with the solemn words, "Billy Ray and Firoz Cyrus... I now pronounce you husband and wife,"

Which signals the beginning of their new forever. His message emphasized the enduring power of love.

The love story of Billy Ray Cyrus and Firoz started in 2010. Billy Ray was walking his dog Tex on the studio grounds during the shooting of "Hannah Montana".

This meeting marked the beginning of an important chapter in his life.

Billy Ray shares his fondness for the show "Hannah Montana" and how this chance meeting came to be.