Best Animated Series on Netflix

"BoJack Horseman": This adult-oriented animated series is known for its sharp humor and exploration of complex themes including mental health and celebrity culture.

"Castlevania": A dark and action-packed series inspired by the video game franchise, "Castlevania" features vampire hunters and supernatural creatures.

"Big Mouth": This adult animated series humorously tackles the challenges of puberty and adolescence with a focus on preteens navigating the ups and downs of growing up.

"She-Ra and the Princesses of Power": A reboot of the classic series, this show offers a new take on the iconic character She-Ra and features powerful female characters and epic adventures.

"The Dragon Prince": This epic fantasy series is known for its compelling storyline, unique animation style, and diverse cast of characters.

"Carmen Sandiego": Follow the adventures of the modern-day super-thief Carmen Sandiego as she travels the world and solves mysteries.

"Hilda": A charming and family-friendly series about a young girl named Hilda and her adventures in a mystical world filled with creatures and magic.

"Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts": Set in a post-apocalyptic world this series follows Kipo as she navigates a world filled with mutated animals and unusual creatures.