Avril Lavigne is filming a tell-all documentary

Documentary takes an in-depth look at Lavigne's life and decades-long career

Avril has been working on this in-depth documentary for some time

From "how Lavigne got her break into music" to the renaissance she's currently experiencing.

will also dive into Lavigne's personal life and explore the many public relationships she has had,

Documentary possibly addressing her most recent split with Mod Sun and new fling with Tyga

The source told The Sun: “Avril talks extensively about her life in the film and how she got her break into music.

Some of his showbiz friends will also talk about him in the documentary film.

Avril released her first hit album when she was a teenager, so Avril has had a really interesting career.

The documentary film will premiere on Disney+, and she is working with James Corden's production company, Fullwell 73, on the project.