"The Voice": John Legend Secures 'Magical' R&B Crooner, Leaving Gwen Stefani Irritated

In mid-September, Warner Bros. released the trailer for their $215 million film "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

Additionally, documents from the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation lawsuit surfaced on Reddit, creating a new issue for the studio.

Depp's supporters financed the court fees to obtain documents from Heard's physician, Dr. Don Hughes.

These handwritten notes on a legal pad were part of last year's high-profile lawsuit which Johnny Depp narrowly won.

Dr. Hughes' notes describe a contentious atmosphere on the set of "Aquaman."

Where a reportedly drunk Jason Momoa dressed up like Johnny Depp and advocated for Heard to be removed from the role of aquatic superhero Mera.

Jason Momoa expressed his desire to fire Amber Heard and dressed like Johnny Depp, even wearing the same rings.

A DC spokesperson refuted Heard's portrayal, saying that Jason Momoa behaved consistently professionally on the set of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom".

Others also supported Momoa's professionalism and refuted the claims in the notes.