Acknowledging Norman Reedus's Outstanding Performance as Daryl Dixon

Now it's time to give credit and we offer our heartfelt apologies to Daryl Dixon, star of "The Walking Dead" played by Norman Reedus.

After an impressive 11 seasons of the original show, Reedus was given his own spinoff.

His consistent and compelling portrayal of Daryl Dixon forces us to accept that nuance.

He effortlessly blends the gruffness and vulnerability that has made his character popular among fans.

In the final episode of the spinoff series, Reedus once again demonstrated his ability to let Daryl's sensitive side shine through his tough-guy exterior.

There was a noticeable softening in Reedus' eyes when Daryl looked at Laurent, expressing concern that Sister Isabelle had made the boy weak.

Reedus maintained a matter-of-fact tone but approached it gently, inviting acceptance rather than provoking anger.

The pinnacle of Reedus' performance came when Daryl learned that Laurent had scuttled their boat.