A Star-Studded Tribute: Brad Pitt Honors Bradley Cooper at Santa Barbara Film Festival

Brad Pitt surprises with a tribute to Bradley Cooper at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Pitt's remarks are filled with humor and admiration for Cooper's talents and accomplishments.

He jokingly mentions how he hoped to secure a free trip to Santa Barbara by presenting the award to Cooper.

Reflecting on Cooper's career, Pitt praises his performances in films like "The Hangover" and highlights his ability to bring subtle nuances to his characters.

Pitt commends Cooper's directorial debut with "A Star is Born" and acknowledges the Herculean task of balancing multiple roles.

He praises Cooper's ability to capture authentic moments on screen, particularly in the film "Maestro."

Pitt expresses his hope that this will be the year for Cooper to win an Academy Award.

He ends his speech with a playful jab at Cooper's allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles football team.