A Recap of True Detective: Night Country Episode 5

Episode 5 of "True Detective: Night Country" aired on Max on Feb. 9, addressing many mysteries in Ennis but leaving crucial ones unsolved.

Danvers learns from Otis Heiss about his injuries similar to those of dead Tsalal scientists, prompting her to investigate the underground ice caves where Annie K was murdered.

Danvers and Navarro try to explore the caves but find the entrance sealed, discovering the caves are locally known as "Night Country" with a warning symbol.

Danvers is summoned to Silver Sky where owner Kate McKittrick reveals footage of their trespassing, hinting at connections between the mining company and Tsalal's funding.

Captain Connelly pressures Danvers to accept a "weather event" explanation for the Tsalal deaths, threatening exposure of her past involvement in a case.

McKittrick meets Hank, hinting at eliminating Heiss to safeguard secrets. It's revealed McKittrick bribed Hank to move Annie K's body years ago.

Danvers confronts Prior about Hank's knowledge, leading to a violent confrontation at her house where Heiss is fatally shot by Hank and Hank is killed by Prior.

Navarro arrives and they decide to cover up the murders. Prior cleans the scene and they plan to dispose of the bodies while Danvers and Navarro head to the ice caves for further investigation.