Top 10 Best Animated Series on Netflix for Adults

Top 10 Best Animated Series on Netflix for Adults


1. “BoJack Horseman”: This critically acclaimed series is a dark comedy that explores the life of the titular character, BoJack Horseman a washed-up actor dealing with personal and professional struggles. It delves into themes of depression, addiction and celebrity culture.


2. “Castlevania”: An action-packed and darker animated series inspired by the video game franchise, “Castlevania” features vampire hunters, supernatural creatures and epic battles.


3. “Big Mouth”: A raunchy and irreverent coming-of-age series that humorously tackles the challenges of puberty, featuring preteens navigating the ups and downs of adolescence.


4. “Paradise PD”: A dark and irreverent comedy about the inept police officers of a small town. It’s known for its adult humor and over-the-top scenarios.


5. “Disenchantment”: Created by Matt Groening the creator of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” this series is set in a medieval fantasy kingdom and follows the adventures of a hard-drinking princess, her elf companion and a personal demon.


6. “F Is for Family”: A raucous and adult-oriented animated series that delves into the dysfunction and humor of a 1970s suburban family.


7. “Love, Death & Robots”: This anthology series offers a collection of short animated stories that explore a wide range of adult themes, including science fiction, horror and fantasy.


8. “Primal”: A visually stunning and action-packed series created by Genndy Tartakovsky, known for “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Samurai Jack.” It follows the journey of a caveman and a dinosaur in a prehistoric world.


9. “Inside Job”: A satirical and adult-oriented series that explores conspiracy theories and government secrets in a humorous and irreverent way.


10. “Pacific Rim: The Black”: Based on the “Pacific Rim” film franchise this anime series features giant mechs and epic battles against colossal monsters.


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