The Marvels Movie Review: Fun, Surprising and Packed with Girl Power

The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Marvels,” directed by Nia DaCosta brings a fresh sense of fun often missing in MCU productions. DaCosta previously directed “Candyman.”


The Marvels Movie Review: Fun, Surprising and Packed with Girl Power


The film stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Teyonah Parris as Captain Marvel’s follower Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan a devoted Captain Marvel fan. Their paths intersect when a bracelet similar to Kamala’s, falls into the hands of the vengeful Dar-Been, portrayed by Zawe Ashton.

The extraordinary powers of the second bracelet add a new dimension to the multitasking abilities of women. Characters like Nick Fury, Kamala’s Pakistani-American parents and her brother get entangled in Dar-Been’s vendetta.

DaCosta’s screenplay, co-written with Megan McDonnell and Elissa Karasik, navigates the complexities of explaining the spatial disruptions caused by Dar-Been’s actions. The film seamlessly blends connections with the previous Captain Marvel movie and crafts new plot developments for Kamala and Monica.

“The Marvels” impresses with its high-quality visual effects strong chemistry among the lead actors, and the lively chaos resulting from the convergence of diverse characters. The film’s 105-minute runtime strikes a balance between brevity and excess.

The subcontinental family of Kamala adds humor as they try to reconcile their expectations for their brilliant daughter, who may save the world from Armageddon. The film also delivers touching moments between Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau while acknowledging the collateral damage caused by superheroes.

South Korean actor Park Seo-joon makes a memorable cameo appearance and Captain Marvel’s magically gifted feline, Goose, contributes to one of the movie’s most amusing scenes, reinventing the concept of viral cat videos.

Among the ensemble cast, Iman Vellani stands out, providing humor and embodying the film’s celebration of girlhood. Vellani’s performance showcases her ability to lead her own solo adventure.

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