Lamb Chop’s TikTok Revival: Mallory Lewis’s Legacy

Mallory Lewis is continuing her mother Shari Lewis’s legacy by reviving Lamb Chop the iconic sock puppet on TikTok. Despite initial reluctance, Mallory’s TikTok videos have gone viral introducing Lamb Chop to a new generation of fans. Through her efforts, Mallory is honoring her mother’s memory and bringing joy to audiences old and new.



Lamb Chop’s TikTok Revival: Mallory Lewis’s Legacy


In the world of children’s entertainment few characters hold as much nostalgia and love as Lamb Chop, the beloved sock puppet brought to life by the late Shari Lewis. Now, nearly two decades after her mother’s passing, Mallory Lewis is ensuring that Lamb Chop’s legacy lives on finding a new audience on the popular social media platform, TikTok.

Mallory, the daughter of the esteemed children’s entertainer and ventriloquist, didn’t plan to follow in her mother’s footsteps originally. Growing up in the entertainment industry, she saw firsthand the hard work needed for success. However, fate had other plans.

After Shari’s passing Mallory received numerous requests to revive Lamb Chop. Despite her initial hesitation, she eventually embraced the sock puppet, driven by the love for the character and the desire to honor her mother’s memory. With her experience as Shari’s head writer and producer, Mallory was well-prepared to give new life to the beloved character.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mallory turned to TikTok to connect with fans, finding that the platform’s short-form content was perfect for Lamb Chop’s humor and charm. One video, in particular, went viral, introducing Lamb Chop to a new generation.

Mallory’s TikTok venture has received a warm response from fans old and new, who fondly remember Lamb Chop from their childhoods. For many, Lamb Chop represents a cherished part of their past, offering comfort in uncertain times.

Mallory is proud to continue the legacy of strong women in her family including her mother and her aunt, bestselling author Judith Krantz. She feels honored to carry on Lamb Chop’s tradition of bringing joy to fans, noting the puppet’s enduring appeal.

While Mallory’s son briefly joined the family business, he pursued his own path. However, Lamb Chop’s legacy lives on through Mallory’s dedication to preserving her mother’s memory and sharing the beloved character with new audiences.

As the world changes Lamb Chop’s timeless charm remains a source of joy for fans of all ages. Through Mallory’s efforts the iconic puppet has found a new home on TikTok, ensuring that Shari Lewis’s legacy endures for generations.

Ultimately, it’s the power of love, laughter and family that allows Lamb Chop to transcend time, bringing happiness to millions. And as Mallory Lewis continues to share her mother’s legacy, Lamb Chop will undoubtedly continue to warm the hearts of fans both young and old.


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