Maricor Flores Biography: Founder and Chief Executive Officer South Care Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc.

Maricor Flores Biography: Founder and Chief Executive Officer South Care Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc.


maricor flores biography

Maricor Flores, affectionately known as “Cor,” is an inspiring individual who has always maintained a clear sense of purpose in her life, even when faced with challenging circumstances that might have derailed others from their chosen path. She exemplifies resilience and determination, demonstrating that setbacks can be opportunities for personal growth and success.

At the young age of 17, Cor found herself facing the responsibility of parenthood, a situation that often leads to dreams being put on hold or abandoned. However, she did not let this deter her. Instead, she embraced this new chapter in her life as a chance for personal transformation and ambition. “I often tell people that when they get pregnant at 17, people will often tell them that their life is gone and their dreams have vanished. That was not true for me. It gave me a new lease on life because I realized that I wanted to make something out of myself,” she affirmed.

Even before reaching adulthood, Cor had the odds stacked against her. Nevertheless, she refused to let adversity define her. she explained “I had no time to spare and I chose to be a fighter rather than wallow in sorrow,”. Throughout her journey, she ventured into various fields, including women’s apparel, property development, and hospitality management, before eventually focusing her efforts on the beauty industry. In 2010, South Care Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc. was established, initially operating out of a backyard with just a dozen dedicated team members and makeshift workspaces.

Cor’s unwavering determination and vision have always guided her path. Her early reference to herself as a CEO, even when she was running a small soap-making business from her backyard in 2010, reflects her strong sense of leadership. In her own words, “CEO” stands for “Carry Everything On my own,” indicating her dedication to shouldering the responsibilities necessary for success. Her drive is rooted in a genuine desire to build a thriving business rather than a pursuit of competition or personal ego.

Today, Cor proudly holds the formal title of CEO as she operates a development, production, and distribution company for beauty brands. Her journey has not been without its challenges, but with careful financial management, effective business strategies, and a commitment to building trust and confidence among clients, she has transformed her company from a small-scale operation into a major player in the beauty industry. South Care Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc. now employs over 400 individuals, a testament to the remarkable growth and success she has achieved on her inspiring journey. Cor continues to etch her name in the annals of the beauty industry, leaving a legacy of resilience, leadership, and determination.

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