Colon Polyps: – Types, Symptoms, Treatment

Colon Polyps: – Types, Symptoms, Treatment 


what is colon polyps?

Colon polyps are developments that happen on the coating of the colon (internal organ). These developments might be little or huge, and can be either harmless (non-carcinogenic) or threatening (destructive).



Colon polyps can foster in anybody, yet the gamble increments with age, and individuals with a family background of colon malignant growth or fiery gut illness are at higher gamble. Much of the time, colon polyps cause no side effects, which is the reason standard screening tests, like colonoscopy, are significant for early discovery and treatment.

Assuming left untreated, some colon polyps can form into colon disease over the long haul. Thusly, it’s vital to have normal colonoscopies to screen for the presence of polyps and eliminate them if essential.


Symptoms of Colon Polyps

  1. Rectal dying: This might be apparent as blood in the stool or on the bathroom tissue subsequent to cleaning.
  2. Changes in entrail propensities: This might incorporate looseness of the bowels, obstruction, or an adjustment of the consistency of the stool.
  3. Stomach agony or uneasiness: This might happen in the lower mid-region, and might be joined by squeezing or bulging.
  4. Iron deficiency: This might happen in the event that the polyps drain gradually after some time, prompting a low red platelet count.


Types of colon polyps

  1. Adenomatous polyps: These are the most widely recognized kind of colon polyps, representing around 66% of all polyps. Adenomatous polyps can become carcinogenic whenever left untreated.
  2. Hyperplastic polyps: These are generally little and seldom form into malignant growth.
  3. Serrated polyps: These are a more uncommon kind of polyp, and some subtypes can build the gamble of colon malignant growth.
  4. Fiery polyps: These polyps are related with provocative gut infection and may become carcinogenic whenever left untreated.


Colon Polyps Treatment

The therapy for colon polyps relies upon a few variables, including the size, number, type, and area of the polyps, as well as the singular’s clinical history and by and large wellbeing. Treatment choices might include:

  1. Polypectomy: This is a typical treatment for most sorts of colon polyps, where the polyp is taken out during a colonoscopy. The specialist will utilize a little wire circle or catch to cut the polyp from the coating of the colon. On the off chance that the polyp is huge or challenging to eliminate, medical procedure might be fundamental.
  2. Observation: On the off chance that the polyp is little and harmless, the specialist might prescribe reconnaissance with successive colonoscopies to screen for any new polyps.
  3. Medical procedure: On the off chance that the polyp is enormous, situated in a challenging to-arrive at region of the colon, or on the other hand assuming that disease is thought, the specialist might prescribe a medical procedure to eliminate a piece of the colon.
  4. Prescriptions: at times, meds might be recommended to diminish the gamble of growing new polyps.

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