Billie Eilish opens up about ‘physically attracted’ to women


Billie Eilish opens up about ‘physically attracted’ to women

Billie Eilish the Grammy-award winning singer at the age of 21 recently opened up in an interview about her unique perspective on femininity. Despite being celebrated for writing what many consider the female anthem of the year she candidly expressed, “I’ve never really felt like I could relate to girls very well. I love them so much. I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people.”

Intriguingly, Eilish admitted to feeling both a physical attraction to women and an intimidation by their beauty and presence. Reflecting on her teenage years particularly during the breakout of her career with “Ocean Eyes” at age 13 she discussed the peculiar scrutiny she faced for her appearance and the uncomfortable interest in her romantic life. “I didn’t want people to have any visible access to my body. I wasn’t strong enough and secure enough to show it,” she confessed.

Despite identifying as ‘she/her,’ Eilish revealed, “I’ve never felt like a woman to be honest with you. I’ve never felt desirable. I’ve never felt feminine. I have to convince myself that I am like a pretty girl.

The complexity of emotions tied to girlhood is explored in her Grammy-nominated song “What Was I Made For?” from the “Barbie” movie soundtrack. This sentimental piece accompanied by a tearjerking piano ballad has resonated with tens of thousands of listeners, prompting touching social media posts. Eilish expressed surprise at the song’s impact stating, “I feel like I helped bring people together and it felt so special. I didn’t expect that women around the world would feel that connection.

With over seven years in the music industry, Eilish though considered a veteran feels like she’s just getting started. “I feel like I’m becoming a person I really love and doing things I feel really proud of,” she shared. “I feel like in many ways in my life I’m just waking up.”

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