Surprise and Nostalgia: Lindsay Lohan Shines at ‘Mean Girls’ Premiere

Lindsay Lohan surprises at “Mean Girls” premiere; Tina Fey hints at cameos; original cast reflects on iconic lines.



Surprise and Nostalgia: Lindsay Lohan Shines at ‘Mean Girls’ Premiere


News about ‘Mean Girls’ Premiere

At the premiere of the “Mean Girls” musical movie Lindsay Lohan made a surprise appearance, joining Tina Fey the original “Mean Girls” star and writer-producer. The event also welcomed Angourie Rice, who steps into Lohan’s role as Cady Heron in the film.

Fey, along with original cast members Daniel Franzese (Damian) and Rajiv Surrendra (Kevin Gnapoor), hinted at potential cameos in the movie. Fey teased about fun appearances by Ashley Park, Tim Meadows and some influencer friends, keeping the surprise elements under wraps for the audience to discover upon the film’s release.

The premiere also saw the attendance of several “Mean Girls” stars and creative team members, creating an exciting atmosphere. Director Samantha Jayne discussed the challenge of transitioning iconic Broadway characters, particularly Reneé Rapp’s portrayal of Regina George, onto the big screen.

The original “Mean Girls” movie remains a cultural phenomenon, with enduring one-liners and quotes that continue to resonate with fans even after 20 years. Actors like Bebe Wood (Gretchen Wieners) and Jaquel Spivey (Damian) shared their experiences, acknowledging the pressure and thrill of delivering memorable lines like “You can’t sit with us!” and “She doesn’t even go here!” respectively.

For Wood, it was an intimidating yet exhilarating moment, while Spivey embraced the opportunity to put his own spin on the iconic line, aiming to do it justice while injecting his unique style.

The premiere highlighted the lasting impact of “Mean Girls” and the excitement surrounding its transition from the stage to the screen, promising a nostalgic yet fresh experience for fans.


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