Severide’s ATF Comeback: Turmoil and Choices in Chicago Fire season 13 episode 3

In the latest “Chicago Fire” episode, Severide returns to the ATF, causing tensions with Cruz and Stella, but ultimately receives support from both as he takes on a case.



Severide’s ATF Comeback: Turmoil and Choices in Chicago Fire season 13 episode 3


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In the latest season of “Chicago Fire,” there have been significant cast changes, with Blake Gallo leaving for Detroit and Severide rejoining the ATF fire investigation unit. The shift started when Cruz, feeling disrespected by Severide’s return, decided to take the lieutenant’s test and expressed his desire to leave Squad 51.

Stella, dealing with her own issues with Severide, advised him to have a heart-to-heart with Cruz. However, as tensions rose, the show’s creator hinted at major decisions to be made by Kidd, Severide, and Cruz in episode 3, with one of them leaving Chicago.

In the recent episode, Severide decided to return to the ATF on a case-by-case basis, while Cruz took over the squad once again. The story unfolded with Boden confirming Cruz for the lieutenant’s test, and Severide receiving a request for help on an arson case from the ATF.

Stella checked in with Cruz, who revealed that Severide’s apology was insincere, and he felt pushed to leave. Severide, torn between his passion for fire investigation and concerns about his relationship with Stella, tried to reassure her that he could balance both. Cruz and Stella discussed their feelings about Severide’s departure, leading to a final scene where Severide left for his ATF assignment, promising to return.


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