Schwarzenegger’s Sweet Tradition: Oatmeal Cookies for Grandkids and Pets

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a chat with Jimmy Fallon, shared his endearing ritual of feeding oatmeal cookies to his pets and grandchildren, emphasizing the joyous moments shared among family and animals.


Schwarzenegger’s Sweet Tradition: Oatmeal Cookies for Grandkids and Pets


The former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that he often treats his grandchildren to oatmeal cookies just like he does with his pets. The 76-year-old actor revealed that he takes care of three dogs, two horses and a pig. In a delightful conversation on the show, Schwarzenegger expressed his deep affection for his pets and unveiled their morning treat – oatmeal cookies made with honey, bananas and oatmeal.

Originally intended for the horses Lulu and Whiskey, the cookies turned out to be a hit with the dogs and even the pig. Schwarzenegger humorously mentioned, “The pig loves everything. The pig will eat stones.” When his daughter Katherine visits with granddaughters Lyla and Eloise, along with a diverse group of animals including horses, dogs a faithful donkey, and a pig, they all eagerly gather to enjoy the tasty snacks. Schwarzenegger chuckled as he shared that his granddaughters ask for more cookies as soon as they step outside.

In a heartwarming scene, he described the cookie-sharing ritual, giving a treat to each animal, including Lulu, Dutch, Schnitzel and the pig as the two girls mimic the animals. The humorous revelation had host Jimmy Fallon cracking up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey is also highlighted in the Netflix docuseries “Arnold,” chronicling his transformation from a small-town Austrian boy to a global phenomenon. The series uses never-before-seen footage to explore his triumphs in bodybuilding, iconic Hollywood presence, and venture into politics.


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