‘Road House’ Revamp: Jake Gyllenhaal Takes on Bar Brawls in Action-Packed Trailer 

In Doug Liman’s revamped “Road House” Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Elwood Dalton an ex-UFC fighter turned bar bouncer, facing off against a wealthy developer and an aggressive newcomer, played by Conor McGregor. The intense trailer promises non-stop action set to debut on Prime Video on March 21. Controversy surrounds the film’s streaming release with Liman expressing disappointment in Amazon for deviating from their commitment to theatrical releases.



‘Road House’ Revamp: Jake Gyllenhaal Takes on Bar Brawls in Action-Packed Trailer 


News about ‘road House’ Trailer

In the sneak peek of Doug Liman’s updated version of the 1989 classic “Road House” Jake Gyllenhaal steps into the role of Elwood Dalton an ex-UFC middleweight fighter. Departing from the original film, this modern take showcases a relentless two-and-a-half-minute trailer filled with intense bar brawls.

Living out of his rundown car and participating in underground fighting rings, Gyllenhaal’s character catches the attention of Jessica Williams’ bar owner, who offers him a job as a bouncer at her roadhouse in the Florida Keys. She persuades him with an offer of good pay, noting the rough state of his car.

The trailer introduces a slew of characters including Billy Magnussen as a wealthy developer named Grant, Conor McGregor in his film debut playing an aggressive roughneck and Lukas Gage as a bar back. As Elwood takes on the role of the bar’s protector, facing off against Grant’s plans for a resort the trailer promises a series of action-packed sequences.

Arturo Castro’s character describes Gyllenhaal’s Elwood as someone who appears pleasant but transforms into a formidable force when defending the bar. McGregor’s antagonist adds an extra layer of intensity to the narrative.

The teaser includes scenes filmed during the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 285 in Las Vegas, showcasing the film’s commitment to rowdy and explosive action. The movie, set to debut on Prime Video on March 21, features additional cast members such as Joaquim de Almeida, B.K. Cannon, Beau Knapp and Darren Barnet.

The decision by Amazon MGM Studios to release the film on Prime Video rather than in theaters has stirred controversy. Liman expressed disappointment in a guest column, accusing Amazon of going against their promises to support cinemas and using “Road House” for unconventional marketing purposes. Despite this, the film is set to bring its brand of rowdiness to audiences in March.


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