Renewal of Romance: The Buccaneers Season 2 at Apple TV +

Apple TV+ has officially announced the renewal of the period drama “The Buccaneers” for a second season. The series inspired by Edith Wharton’s incomplete final novel centers around a vibrant group of young American women whose arrival disrupts the prim and proper London society of the 1870s.




Renewal of Romance: The Buccaneers Season 2 at Apple TV +


Apple TV+ has greenlit a second season of “The Buccaneers” a 19th-century period drama by U.K.-based scripted production company The Forge. Inspired by Edith Wharton’s incomplete novel the show centers on a group of vivacious American girls arriving in 1870s London initially in pursuit of husbands but finding themselves navigating a cultural clash between the Anglo-American worlds.

The series explores more than just the quest for titles and marriages among these spirited “buccaneers.” As their hearts yearn for much more saying ‘I do’ is merely the beginning of their enthralling journey.

The cast is led by Christine Froseth as Nan St. George, Alisha Boe as Conchita Clawson, Josie Parrott as Mabel Elmsworth, Aubrey Ibrogh as Lizzie Elmsworth and Imogen Waterhouse as Ginny St. George. Notable additions include Christina Hendricks as Mrs. St. George, Mia Tapleton as Honoria Marble and Josh Dylan as Lord Richard Marble.

The show’s creator Katherine Jakeways, expressed excitement about the audience’s response to the vibrant characters and announced plans to delve deeper into the adventures of this spirited sisterhood in the upcoming season. The first season released on Nov. 8, was directed by Susanna White, while Katherine Jakeways and Beth Willis serve as executive producers.

Jay Hunt, creative director at Apple TV+ in Europe commended the show’s appeal and humor, expressing enthusiasm for continuing Nan and her friends’ captivating journey in the next chapter of “The Buccaneers.”

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