Poseidon’s Emotional Debut Unveils Powerful Family Dynamics in Percy Jackson Episode 7

Toby Stephens’ Poseidon makes a poignant debut in Percy Jackson Episode 7, deepening the family connection in a touching flashback setting the stage for an intense finale.



Poseidon’s Emotional Debut Unveils Powerful Family Dynamics in Percy Jackson Episode 7


Toby Stephens’ Poseidon made a highly anticipated debut in Episode 7 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, now available for streaming on Disney+. The scene, deviating from the source material, set the stage for an exciting cliffhanger leading into the upcoming finale.

Poseidon’s first appearance occurred in a flashback with Sally Jackson (Virginia Kull), where Sally summons Poseidon to a restaurant following a dispute with young Percy (Azriel Dalman). Overwhelmed by the challenges of single-handedly caring for Percy, Sally seeks solace from her ex, emphasizing the secrecy surrounding Percy’s true identity as a demigod. Poseidon, despite turning down Sally’s offer to meet Percy in the restaurant, expresses a deep yearning for a connection with his son, hindered by challenging circumstances.

Toby Stephens, in an interview with TV Insider, discussed Poseidon’s debut and the touching flashback. The Black Sails star highlighted the importance of this scene in revealing Poseidon’s genuine connection and the complexities of his relationships with Sally and Percy. Stephens emphasized that Poseidon’s absence in previous episodes might have led the audience to perceive him as an indifferent absentee father. Still, this scene portrays the deep, painful and real connection Poseidon shares with his family.

Stephens hopes that this scene clarifies the authentic nature of Sally and Poseidon’s bond, illustrating that their relationship is genuine. Despite Poseidon being a god, the portrayal emphasizes his human-like emotions, aligning with the fallibility often associated with the Greek gods in mythology.

The episode progresses with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover navigating challenges in the Underworld to save Sally from Hades. Facing various trials and setbacks, they discover that Ares has the stolen master bolt and a confrontation with him becomes imminent. The episode concludes with Percy, determined to rescue his mother, setting the stage for an epic battle with Ares in the upcoming finale.

The series incorporates a flashback scene between Poseidon and Sally, adding depth to their relationship and exploring the challenges of parenting a demigod. Toby Stephens expressed enthusiasm for the potential exploration of Poseidon and Sally’s backstory in future seasons, considering it rich “prequel territory” that a TV adaptation allows.

Stephens acknowledged Walker Scobell’s fantastic portrayal of Percy, praising the immediate connection and fun dynamics on set. The actor, familiar with the Percy Jackson set due to his previous role in Black Sails, commended the showrunners for cleverly adapting Greek mythology for a modern audience while maintaining the essence of the books.

In the next episode Percy faces off against Ares the final Olympian of the season, portrayed by the late Lance Reddick. As the storyline unfolds a prophecy is fulfilled, promising an exciting and impactful conclusion to the first season of Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+.


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