Popular Criminal Careers in GTA Online (2023)

Popular Criminal Careers in GTA Online (2023)

gta online best criminal career 2023

1. Heists:

Heists are among the most lucrative criminal activities in GTA Online.

Assemble a team to plan and execute elaborate heists, stealing valuable items and cash with substantial payouts.


2. CEO/VIP Work:

Become a CEO or VIP to start your criminal enterprise.

Engage in money-making activities such as vehicle cargo, special cargo, and nightclub management for a steady income source.


3. Motorcycle Club (MC) President:

Enjoy the biker lifestyle by becoming an MC President.

Manage illegal businesses like drug manufacturing and distribution, forgery, and more for potential profitability.


4. Criminal Mastermind Challenges:

For skilled and organized players, Criminal Mastermind Challenges offer a substantial cash bonus.

Complete all Heists and Setups without losing a life to succeed.


5. Contact Missions:

Accessible and can be completed solo or with a group, Contact Missions offer a steady income source.

A great way to build your criminal career.


6. Nightclubs:

Own and operate nightclubs for passive income through goods accrual and club popularity.

Combine nightclub management with other businesses for increased profits.


7. Arena War:

If you enjoy vehicular combat and destruction, Arena War provides a unique criminal career.

Participate in a series of events involving heavily modified vehicles.


8. Adversary Modes:

GTA Online offers various Adversary Modes with different objectives.

These modes offer a fun way to make money while competing against other players.


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