Persona 3 Reload Reviews: Gaming Insights in a Nutshell



Persona 3 Reload Reviews: Gaming Insights in a Nutshell


In Persona 3 Reload exploring Tartarus introduces players to challenging minibosses known as Gatekeepers, appearing every few floors and blocking further progression. The Clairvoyant Relic stands out as a formidable opponent, presenting a significant challenge for both newcomers and seasoned Persona 3 players.

Unlike standard encounters where exploiting weaknesses and executing All-Out Attacks are key, boss fights like the Clairvoyant Relic demand a more nuanced approach, pushing players to devise unconventional strategies. What makes this Gatekeeper particularly difficult is its lack of elemental weaknesses and its ability to resist both light and dark attacks. Adding to the complexity, the Clairvoyant Relic possesses a unique skill that scans the party’s weaknesses at the start of the battle, putting players at a distinct disadvantage from the outset.

To tackle this formidable foe, players should initiate the battle by debuffing the Clairvoyant Relic’s attack with Tarunda. Given the boss’s knowledge of the party’s weaknesses and its access to spells that exploit them, this debuff is crucial for mitigating potential damage. The boss can unleash devastating attacks targeting the entire party in a single turn, making healing essential. Designate Yukari for party-wide healing to counteract the significant damage output.

Another strategic move is to apply Rakukaja to the Protagonist, as the boss may deliver a potent physical attack to a downed character, potentially leading to a swift defeat. Luck plays a role in this battle, as the Clairvoyant Relic has the capacity to eliminate allies or even the Protagonist in a single turn, even with debuffs in place.

While defense is crucial, the ultimate goal is to defeat the boss. Since the Clairvoyant Relic lacks elemental weaknesses, relying on physical attacks is the most effective approach. Instruct Junpei and Akihiko to utilize physical abilities each turn, aiming for critical hits. Unlike magic attacks, physical attacks can land critical hits, causing the boss to stagger and enabling an All-Out Attack.

If buffs and debuffs are active, encourage the Protagonist to contribute with physical attacks to expedite the battle. The inclusion of the Rebellion skill from a Persona can increase the chances of critical hits, benefiting the party more than the boss. This strategic combination, along with careful debuff management and healing, enhances the chances of emerging victorious against the formidable Clairvoyant Relic.


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