Pat E. Johnson Biography: A Legacy of Martial Arts Excellence and Cinematic Impact


Pat E. Johnson Biography: A Legacy of Martial Arts Excellence and Cinematic Impact


Pat E. Johnson is a renowned American martial artist, instructor and martial arts choreographer, particularly known for his contributions to martial arts and the film industry.


pat e. johnson biography

Born:1939, United States

Died:  5 November 2023

Teacher(s): Chuck Norris, Kang Do Hee


Martial Arts Expertise: Pat E. Johnson is a highly skilled martial artist with a 10th-degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has made significant contributions to the martial arts world and is respected for his expertise.


Martial Arts Choreographer: Johnson is widely recognized for his work as a martial arts choreographer in the film industry. He has been involved in creating and coordinating fight scenes in numerous movies and television shows. One of his most iconic contributions was in “The Karate Kid” film series, where he played a crucial role in shaping the martial arts sequences that became legendary.


Iconic “The Karate Kid” Series: His work on “The Karate Kid” series starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, is particularly iconic and continues to be celebrated as a cornerstone in martial arts cinema.


Influence on the Film Industry: Pat E. Johnson’s involvement in martial arts choreography has left a lasting impact on the film industry, particularly in the portrayal of martial arts in movies. His work has contributed to the popularization of martial arts and its portrayal in Hollywood.


Martial Arts Education: Johnson has been an instructor and mentor to many martial artists and he has played a key role in promoting martial arts education in the United States.


Legacy: He is considered a significant figure in the world of martial arts and has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions including induction into martial arts and Taekwondo halls of fame.



Black Belt Hall of Fame: Pat E. Johnson has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame a prestigious recognition in the martial arts world.

Taekwondo Hall of Fame: His significant contributions to Taekwondo have earned him a place in the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Johnson has received various lifetime achievement awards for his dedication and achievements in martial arts and martial arts choreography.

Contributions to “The Karate Kid” Series: While not an official award his work as a martial arts choreographer in “The Karate Kid” series has been widely celebrated and acknowledged as a significant contribution to the film industry.

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