Olivia Wilde and former partner Jason Sudeikis have issued a joint statement

Olivia Wilde and former partner Jason Sudeikis have issued a joint statement



For the couple, the former nanny has given a scintillating interview about their middle breakup.

According to the statement, the pair alleged that the former maternal grandmother whose name was not mentioned in the interview.

If seen, knowing this as a parent is incredibly disturbing.

The former grandmother of our two young children has publicly opted to make false and derogatory accusations about us.

This ex-couple were disappointed by the former nanny’s statement. This couple is not at all happy with Nani.

We will focus on the upbringing and safety of the child and she will now prefer to leave our family alone.

According to some claims, Wilde broke up with Sudeikis after dating Harry Styles.

Wilde issued a statement saying that our relationship ended long before we met Harry.

It is completely wrong that I have left Jason for Harry.

It is not easy to end a relationship completely. It doesn’t end overnight. Our relationship broke up at the start of the pandemic.

Nani says that Sudeikis was upset that Kyu was going with Wild Styles. It was prepared with special dressing.

They both started dating in 2011, Wilde and Sudeikis got engaged in 2013. The couple’s breakup news was shared in November 2020.

Wilde and Sudeikis have two children, daughter Daisy and son Otis.

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