Olivia Culpo’s Generous Gift: Super Bowl Suite Surprise for Christian McCaffrey’s Mom 

Despite initial concerns about the cost Olivia Culpo surprised Christian McCaffrey’s mom, Lisa with a suite for the Super Bowl, refuting earlier claims that they couldn’t afford one.



Olivia Culpo’s Generous Gift: Super Bowl Suite Surprise for Christian McCaffrey’s Mom 


Christian McCaffrey’s mom Lisa McCaffrey initially thought she wouldn’t be attending the Super Bowl due to the high costs of suites at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. She and Ashley Adamson discussed the expensive prices on their podcast, “Your Mom” revealing that even her star son, the 49ers’ standout running back and his model fiancée Olivia Culpo found the prices too steep.

According to TickPick, Super Bowl 2024 suite prices range from $800,000 to $2 million. Lisa McCaffrey had stated firmly that they couldn’t afford it, including her son and Olivia, despite Christian’s lucrative four-year, $64 million deal signed in 2020.

However, a surprising twist emerged when Olivia Culpo debunked the claim of not affording a suite. On her Instagram story, she tagged Lisa and posted, “Fake news! Happy birthday Lisa, I bought you a suite.” Culpo also tagged Confirmed360, an entertainment concierge providing exclusive access to events.

Lisa’s initial announcement had caught the attention of Confirmed360’s CEO, Matt Ampolsky, who urged Culpo to correct the misinformation. Lisa had mentioned that they looked into a suite, but it was financially out of reach for all of them.

Christian McCaffrey, currently under a lucrative contract, is set to earn $11.8 and $12 million in the next two seasons. Olivia Culpo, a Sports Illustrated model and actress, boasts a significant following on Instagram with 5.4 million followers.

Lisa and her husband Ed a former NFL receiver and Super Bowl winner with the 49ers, watched games in suites throughout the season. Lisa expressed her emotions after the 49ers’ victory in the NFC Championship game, describing the joy of celebrating with her son.

As the 49ers head to the Super Bowl against the Chiefs the McCaffrey family including Olivia Culpo, seems set to enjoy the game from the comfort of a suite, despite the initial belief that it was financially out of reach. If the 49ers emerge victorious on Super Bowl Sunday the family will have another reason to celebrate together.


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