Nightmare on Main Street: The Unleashing of Mickey Mouse – From Icon to Killer in the Public Domain 

In the trailer the aggressive rodent is depicted pursuing frightened teenagers within a haunted amusement arcade. A young woman, dressed in a revealing camisole voices her distress about the blood present in the jungle gym area.

Additionally, the trailer features moments where black-and-white clips of Disney’s original Mickey Mouse character are displayed on an aged unstable projector.


Nightmare on Main Street: The Unleashing of Mickey Mouse – From Icon to Killer in the Public Domain 


This version of Mickey Mouse originating from Disney’s 1928 short film “Steamboat Willie” differs notably from the modern iteration. The differences include the absence of Mickey’s gloves and oversized shoes as well as smaller black oval eyes instead of the larger eyes seen in contemporary versions.

Disney had held the copyright for 95 years and had actively sought extensions in Congress, sometimes termed as the “Mickey Mouse Protection Act.”

As of January 1, 2024, aspects of the iconic character have entered the public domain, prompting statements from Disney regarding the continued importance of Mickey Mouse in their storytelling, theme park attractions and merchandise. However, Disney emphasized the intent to safeguard their rights in modern versions of Mickey and other copyrighted works.

Utilizing this earlier version of Mickey Mouse might pose challenges as legal experts caution that any new creations should be based on “Steamboat Willie” to protect against copyright infringement claims.

Interestingly, this development parallels the entrance of the initial version of Winnie the Pooh into the public domain in 2022. This shift allowed for unconventional uses, like the character starring in a slasher film titled “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.”

The emergence of these characters into the public domain introduces intriguing possibilities and legal considerations for those interested in utilizing these iconic figures in their own creative works.


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