Melissa Barrera says firing was ‘Shocking’ Amid Scream Controversy

Melissa Barrera is at peace with her exit from the Scream franchise after her comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict. She emphasizes her stance on humanity and human rights, finding support from true friends like Jenna Ortega. However, with the director’s departure and key stars leaving, the future of Scream remains uncertain.



Melissa Barrera says firing was ‘Shocking’ Amid Scream Controversy


News about Melissa Barrera Says Firing Was ‘shocking’

Melissa Barrera is addressing her departure from the Scream franchise after her comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict led to her removal. Two months later, Barrera, known for her role in In The Heights, expressed being “very at peace” with her decision to speak out. Scream studio Spyglass labeled her remarks as “hate speech” and “Holocaust distortion,” resulting in her removal. Barrera emphasizes that her stance was rooted in humanity, human rights and freedom.

When questioned about her support for a ceasefire, Barrera stated it’s for the well-being of both sides, aiming to end violence for everyone’s peace and security. Despite the ordeal, she finds solace in knowing her true friends, citing Jenna Ortega as a supportive companion who left the franchise around the same time.

However, the Scream franchise faces challenges as director Christopher Landon also departed in December, describing it as a dream job turned nightmare. With key figures leaving, the future of the franchise is uncertain, raising questions about its appeal without crucial team members. Barrera hopes that Wes Craven’s legacy prevails despite the franchise’s current challenges.


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