Maya Vander Reportedly Pregnant Again Following Recent Pregnancy Loss   

Maya Vander encountered a pregnancy misfortune in December 2021.After close to 12 months and a half, 39-year-old Maya Vander is anticipating a child. The merchant feels extremely lucky to have two wonderful youngsters to raise, yet the mother is anticipating another kid. Maya Vander Supposedly Pregnant Again Following Ongoing Pregnancy Misfortune



Maya Vander Reportedly Pregnant Again Following Recent Pregnancy Loss   


Recentlynews Headline:-   

  1. Sailing Sunset star Maya Vander announces celebrating amazing news!
  2. The source confirmed that Maya Vander is expecting a third baby.   
  3. Maya Vander experienced a pregnancy loss in December 2021.
  4. The re-baby news comes nearly a year and a half after the devastating news was announced
  5. In that glory Vander wrote “Kaal’s day was the most painful day of my life”.
  6. I had a stillborn baby at 38 weeks. I had always heard that but never thought it would become part of the statistics.
  7. Maya Vander said instead of giving birth to a child, I went home with a memory box I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
  8. Maya shares her sad story “Routine weekly checkup has turned into a nightmare I never imagined”
  9. Maya shared in June 2022 that she had a miscarriage, six months after the stillbirth.



The Vander share two children, Aiden and Elle. Maya recounts her tragedy after losing the baby” and her husband, David Miller, has spent weeks without answers.

“We got the post-mortem report that it was a bad accident with some swallowed placenta,” he explained fondly. My husband and kids were instrumental in helping her through the pain. My kids are great for me and I have work, I am busy, I don’t have time to sit.

The Vander feels very fortunate to have two beautiful children to raise, yet the mother is expecting another child.   


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