LABOUM’s Haein Open up Marriage And Pregnancy – as it happened

LABOUM member Heine is ready to begin a new chapter in her life as she prepares for marriage and parenthood.



LABOUM’s Haein Open up Marriage And Pregnancy – as it happened 


Wedding Announcement: Heine’s agency, RND Company, officially confirmed on October 7 that the K-pop idol will marry her non-celebrity fiancé next month in November.

Non-celebrity groom: Heine’s fiancé is not a public figure or celebrity, keeping their relationship more private.

Support and Blessings: The agency requested fans and the public to show their heartfelt support and blessings for Heine as she embarks on this new journey in her life.

Pregnancy Revelation: Heine personally shared her pregnancy news with her fans through a handwritten letter. She expressed surprise at the sudden news but mentioned that she decided to get married because of her strong feelings towards her fiancé.

Long-Term Relationship: Heine revealed that she and her fiancé had known each other since they were 19 and started their relationship as good friends.

Joy of fatherhood: Murthy expressed the joy and responsibility he felt on learning about his pregnancy and hearing his baby’s heartbeat.

Message to fans: Heine expressed his heartfelt gratitude and love to his fan Latte, who has supported and encouraged him throughout his career despite his flaws. He sought their understanding and blessings for this important moment of his life.

LABOUM’s Heine is marrying a non-celebrity fiancé in November and is expecting a child. He shared the news with his fans and expressed his deep feelings and gratitude in a heartfelt letter. Her agency also requested the public’s heartfelt support and blessings for this new chapter of her life.


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