Kylie Kelce: Embracing Fame with a Hint of Guilt of New Attention

Kylie Kelce wife of Eagles’ Jason Kelce laughs off her newfound fame expressing gratitude but feeling a bit guilty. As rumors swirl about Jason’s retirement, Kylie supports him noting his potential success in any endeavor due to his personality. The Kelce family, along with Taylor Swift is expected to attend Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.


Kylie Kelce: Embracing Fame with a Hint of Guilt of New Attention


News about Kylie Kelce Feels ‘Guilty’

Kylie Kelce finds humor in her unexpected rise to fame as the wife of Eagles center Jason Kelce. Despite her down-to-earth personality, she feels a bit guilty about the public’s intense interest in her life. In a recent “Good Morning America” interview, she shared that people’s fascination with her isn’t warranted, considering her everyday tasks like cleaning up after their three daughters.

The Kelce family gained attention leading up to Super Bowl LVII, where Jason’s Eagles faced Travis’ Chiefs. Kylie a high school field hockey coach expressed her support for Jason amid retirement rumors, emphasizing his potential success in any future endeavor due to his personality.

Kylie playfully mentioned that Jason’s on-field skills don’t translate to the kitchen, where she trusts him only to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their daughters. Jason, in a recent episode of his show “New Heights,” stated he would announce his future plans at the right time.

In a two-part interview Kylie discussed Jason’s viral shirtless moment at a game and clarified that he put his shirt back on when leaving the stadium. The couple attended the AFC Championship game, celebrating in a suite with Taylor Swift, who is dating Jason’s brother, Travis Kelce.

Despite the Eagles’ loss in the wild-card round the Chiefs with Jason and Travis, secured a spot in Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers on Feb. 11. The Kelce family, along with Taylor Swift is expected to be in Las Vegas for the big game.


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