King Charles to feature on Coronation coins unveiled 50p and £5

King Charles to feature on Coronation coins unveiled 50p and £5


A new series of coins to celebrate the upcoming coronation will feature King Charles wearing a crown.

This includes a 50p and £5 coin which will be released ahead of the historic 6 May celebration at the end of the month.

The coins were designed by Martin Jennings and modeled on highly collectible coins depicting King Charles III wearing the Tudor crown.

The Tudor Crown was personally chosen for the portrait by the king, despite having been destroyed in the 1640s.

This continues in the tradition of a single crown being used as portraits of previous 20th-century monarchs, including the great-grandfather King George VI on coronation coins . 


what is coronation coins?

Coronation coins are commemorative coins issued to celebrate the coronation of a monarch. A coronation is a ceremony in which a new monarch is officially crowned and invested with the powers and responsibilities of their office.

Coronation coins have been issued throughout history, dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. In modern times, coronation coins have been issued for the coronations of British monarchs, including King George VI in 1937, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, and most recently, King George V in 1911.

Coronation coins are often highly collectible and can have significant value to collectors, depending on their rarity and condition. They typically feature a portrait of the monarch on the obverse (front) and a design related to the coronation on the reverse (back), such as the coronation crown or the coronation procession.


value of coronation coins

The value of coronation coins can vary widely depending on several factors, including their rarity, age, condition, and historical significance. Some coronation coins may be worth only a few dollars, while others can be valued at thousands or even millions of dollars.

For example, a rare gold sovereign coin issued for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902 was recently sold for over £500,000 (approximately $675,000 USD) at auction. Another example is a rare silver crown coin issued for the coronation of King George IV in 1821, which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s important to note that the value of any coin can fluctuate over time and can depend on market conditions and collector demand. If you are interested in learning more about the value of a specific coronation coin, it’s best to consult with a reputable coin dealer or appraiser who can provide a professional evaluation.

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