John Travolta’s Heartfelt Christmas Celebration: Family Togetherness Amidst Fond Remembrance

Renowned Hollywood icon John Travolta aged 69 and famous for his unforgettable performances in classics like ‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ joined in the festive joy by capturing a picturesque moment with his children, 23-year-old Ella Bleu and 13-year-old Benjamin on the ski slopes during Christmas. Sharing their heartwarming family time on Instagram the post radiated love, togetherness and the holiday spirit extending warm wishes of a Merry Christmas to all of Travolta’s fans.



John Travolta’s Heartfelt Christmas Celebration: Family Togetherness Amidst Fond Remembrance


On Christmas, John Travolta shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram celebrating the holiday with his children, Ella Bleu (23) and Benjamin (13) on the ski slopes. Travolta wished everyone a Merry Christmas in the caption expressing love for his fans.

He and Kelly Preston, who passed away from breast cancer in July 2020, were parents to Ella and Benjamin and had another son, Jett, who tragically passed away in 2009 due to a seizure related to his condition Kawasaki disease.

John and Kelly married in September 1991 after meeting during a screen test for the movie “The Experts.” In September Travolta commemorated their wedding anniversary by posting a video of Ella, acknowledging her elegance and expressing pride in her noting that Kelly would have been proud too.

Both John and Ella honored Kelly on what would have been her 61st birthday in October, sharing touching messages and throwback photos on social media.

Their posts conveyed love remembrance and admiration for Kelly Preston, highlighting the close bond within the family and their ongoing tributes to her memory.


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