Jade Cline Sean Austin Teen Star Engaged

Jade Cline Sean Austin Teen Star Engaged.After dating for a long time, decided to get married. The engagement took place in July but it was kept a secret. 


Jade Cline Sean Austin Teen Star Engaged


Recently News Headline: –

  1. Jade Cline is engaged to Sean Austin.
  2. Teen star got engaged with his partner.
  3. Jade Cline is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Sean Austin.
  4. After getting engaged, the wedding bells of Jade Cline and Sean Austin have now rung. 
  5. The engagement was confirmed by Cline through a video on his TikTok.
  6. The stars of the MTV reality show got engaged this year.
  7. Austin suffocates to ask Beth’s Cline questions about the engagement.
  8. For the wedding, both of them have already fixed a date in October 2023.

Jade Cline Sean Austin Teen Star Engaged


Cline announced via a TikTok video that Austin was kneeling down on his knees with a bouquet of roses in hand. The whole house was surrounded by family and friends.

When Austin asked Cline to marry him, the mother held a bouquet of roses when he was shocked. Austin was hesitant to ask all this. But he controlled himself, after that he sat down on his knees with courage and asked after that.

Jade Cline said yes to Austin without hesitation. After that both of them hugged each other. After this friends and family started celebrating together. The celebration was also attended by 4-year-old daughter Chloe. Everyone seemed very happy that Cline and Austin were going to tie the knot.

The video of that time was captioned, it was written in it that the beginning of our happiness has started from now and both of us are very happy. We were waiting for this moment for some time but today this moment has come.

In October 2023, he has announced to marry. Cline revealed in a series of Instagram Story Q&As that they got engaged in the first week of July. But the engagement was not disclosed.

Austin and Cline ‘s wedding planning is already underway. Because both of them are getting married in October 2023. Both of them are going to get married in a new style, so the time of marriage has been decided in advance. By keeping the engagement secret from a ritual, this time they intend to get married in front of everyone.

There have been some ups and downs between Austin and Cline. Austin was battling a state of intoxication, they both broke up but they have rekindled their romance.  


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