Gerry Turner’s Fairy-Tale Ending: ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Weds Theresa Nist in ‘The Golden Wedding’ TV Special  

Gerry Turner once crowned as “The Golden Bachelor” has now transitioned from his title through a televised wedding special. He tied the knot with Theresa Nist in the highly anticipated event, “The Golden Wedding” which aired on January 4, following closely on the heels of the series finale that unfolded just a month earlier.



Gerry Turner’s Fairy-Tale Ending: ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Weds Theresa Nist in ‘The Golden Wedding’ TV Special  


Jesse Palmer host of ‘The Golden Wedding,’ kicked off the live broadcast by revealing the imminent arrival of his first child with wife Emely Fardo. Expressing his uncertainty about making it to the event Palmer shared that Fardo could go into labor at any moment.

During the broadcast Palmer conveyed a heartfelt message to his wife assuring her of his love and readiness to rush home if needed. He expressed his affection and urged her to call him if she felt any signs of labor promising to leave the event immediately.

The event itself featuring The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s wedding officiated by Susan Noles is in La Quinta, California. Palmer committed to being present unless he receives the call about Fardo going into labor.

This news follows the announcement made nearly six months earlier, where Palmer and Fardo exclusively shared with PEOPLE about expecting their first child a daughter in early January. Palmer expressed his excitement about adding a female member to the Palmer family and praised Emely’s maternal instincts, anticipating her role as a fantastic mother.

Fardo shared her eagerness to embark on the journey of parenthood with their daughter, expressing her excitement for the adventures and life lessons they will share. Palmer, on the other hand, playfully acknowledged the impending father-daughter bond, admitting to being slightly nervous as he hadn’t grown up with sisters.

Overall, the anticipation for their daughter’s arrival has filled both Palmer and Fardo with excitement as they prepare to welcome the newest addition to their family.


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