Florence Pugh’s Camera Malfunction During Oppenheimer Sex Scene

Florence Pugh recalled a humorous moment when a camera malfunctioned during a sex scene with Cillian Murphy while filming Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.” Despite the glitch, Pugh praised the dedicated crew and shared her enthusiasm for the project.



Florence Pugh’s Camera Malfunction During Oppenheimer Sex Scene


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Florence Pugh shared an amusing behind-the-scenes story from the filming of Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-nominated movie, “Oppenheimer.” Pugh, who plays psychiatrist Jean Tatlock, discussed a technical difficulty that occurred during a sex scene with co-star Cillian Murphy, who portrays J. Robert Oppenheimer.

According to Pugh the camera broke in the middle of the intimate scene, causing an unexpected delay. With limited alternative cameras available the crew had to work on fixing the issue with the current equipment. Pugh humorously described the situation of being in a closed set with Murphy while the camera glitch was addressed.

During the interruption, Pugh took the opportunity to learn about the technical problem asking questions and engaging with the crew member attempting to fix the camera. Director Christopher Nolan later explained that there was an issue with the lighting.

Despite the unexpected hiccup, Pugh expressed admiration for the knowledgeable and dedicated crew, emphasizing that there was never a dull moment on set. In a separate interview, Pugh shared how Nolan had initially apologized for the size of her role in the film but expressed her enthusiasm for the project regardless. She recalled meeting Nolan in New York while filming another project and eagerly accepting the role, regardless of its size.


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