FIFA World Cup all Time Winners list

FIFA World Cup all Time Winners list  




FIFA World Cup most Successful team Brazil: – 5-time titles  wins

FIFA World Cup France Current Champions 2018 

FIFA World Cup all Time Winners list  


Brazil: –

Brazil 5 Time Wins Title (2002, 1994, 1970, 1962, 1958)

Brazil 2-time Runners up (1950, 1998)

Brazil total final 7-time play.

Germany: –

Germany 4 Time wins Title (2014, 1990, 1974, 1954)

Germany 4-time Runners up (1966, 1982, 1986, 2002)

Germany total final 8-time play.

Italy: –

Italy 4 Time wins Title (2006, 1982, 1938, 1934)

Italy 2-time Runners up (1970, 1994)

Italy total final 6-time play.

Argentina: –

Argentina 2 Time Wins Title (1986, 1978)

Argentina 3-time Runners up (1930, 1990, 2014)

Argentina total final 5-time play.

France: –

France 2 Time Wins Title (2018, 1998)

France 1-time Runners up (2006)

France total final 3-time play.

Uruguay: –

Uruguay 2 Time Wins Title (1930, 1950)

Uruguay 0-time Runners up

Uruguay total final 2-time play.

Spain: –

Spain 1 Time Wins Title (2010)

Spain 0-time Runners up

Spain total final 1-time play.

England: –

England 1 Time Wins Title (1966)  

England 0-time Runners up

England total final 1-time play.

 Netherlands: –

 Netherlands never wins

 Netherlands 3-time Runners up (1974, 1978, 2010)

 Netherlands total final 3-time play.

Czechoslovakia: –

Czechoslovakia never wins

Czechoslovakia 2-time Runners up (1934, 1962)

Czechoslovakia total final 2-time play.

 Hungary: –

 Hungary never wins

 Hungary 2-time Runners up (1938,1954)

 Hungary total final 2-time play.

 Sweden: –

Sweden never wins

Sweden 1-time Runners up (1958)

Sweden total final 1-time play.

Croatia: –

Croatia never wins

Croatia 1-time Runners up (2018)

Croatia total final 1-time play.  

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