‘Dooce’ Pioneering Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong dies at 47

Heather Armstrong, 47, founder of Dooce.com, one of the mommy blogs, has died. Armstrong’s boyfriend Pete Ashdown gave the cause of death as suicide.



‘Dooce’ Pioneering Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong dies at 47


Heather Armstrong, 47, died Tuesday in Salt Lake City.

Armstrong’s boyfriend, Pete Ashdown, told The Associated Press the cause of death was suicide.

Heather Armstrong, 47, is the founder of Dooce.com, one of the hottest mommy blogs.

Armstrong started his blog in 2001 while working at a tech start-up.

Not long after Armstrong, she became pregnant with their first child.

Armstrong wrote about parenting and relationships and later on divorce, alcoholism, and mental illness.

At the peak of Armstrong’s blog, there were more than 8 million monthly readers.

The AP Report and The New York Times Magazine crowned Armstrong the “Queen of the Mommy Bloggers”.

Armstrong was diagnosed with chronic depression while in college and wrote in 2019 about a clinical trial “put in a chemically induced coma for 15 minutes 10 times”

Armstrong told Vox during a conversation that I was different that life is not meant to be lived when we are desperate then try to do anything. I think that my children deserve a happy, healthy mother and drink.

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