Disney CEO Announces Plans for ‘Frozen 4’ Alongside ‘Frozen 3’ in the Works

Absolutely! Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO recently disclosed that the studio is actively developing a fourth installment in the Frozen franchise in addition to the eagerly awaited Frozen 3, which is yet to hit the screens. This revelation has sparked immense excitement among fans worldwide, eager to delve further into the adventures of Anna, Elsa and the enchanting world of Arendelle.


Disney CEO Announces Plans for ‘Frozen 4’ Alongside ‘Frozen 3’ in the Works

It seems like there’s some exciting news brewing in the Frozen universe! Disney CEO Bob Iger recently hinted at the possibility of not just Frozen 3 but potentially even a Frozen 4 in the works. He mentioned that Jennifer Lee the original creator of Frozen and her team at Disney Animation are actively working on two stories for the franchise.

This announcement comes after Iger had previously revealed during a quarterly earnings call that Frozen 3 was in production, along with plans for another Toy Story installment from Pixar and a sequel to the successful Zootopia movie from 2016. Iger emphasized Disney’s commitment to their well-established brands and franchises.

He highlighted Frozen’s immense value as one of Disney’s most cherished franchises acknowledging the tremendous success of both the original 2013 film and its 2019 sequel. The Frozen series, featuring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel as the royal sisters Anna and Elsa has not only captivated audiences but also expanded into a Broadway musical and various theme park attractions worldwide. The latest addition is the World of Arendelle at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Exciting times seem to be ahead for Frozen fans with the promise of more adventures and stories featuring Anna, Elsa and their beloved characters.


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