Controversial In-Game Element Sparks Criticism Amid The Day Before’s Troubled Release


Controversial In-Game Element Sparks Criticism Amid The Day Before’s Troubled Release


In the world of Fntastic’s The Day Before, players have encountered a controversial piece of equipment intended seemingly to insult the press. The item named the Press Armor, carries a description stating “no one likes journalists” a move seen as contentious from a studio previously under fire for various controversies including alleged trailer copying to promote the game.

Throughout its development, Fntastic faced numerous accusations notably copying trailers among other controversies. Despite substantial pre-release hype for the game—an open-world MMO set in a zombie apocalypse—players turned against it after a flawed early access launch, highlighting a buggy, broken extraction shooter rather than the promised experience.

Even before the game faced severe negative reviews the developers’ stance toward journalists became evident through the Press Armor an in-game item looted from fallen zombies. The item’s description, which disparages journalists stands out among other item descriptions for its overtly insulting nature.

The Press Armor, resembling real-life body armor worn by conflict journalists raises concerns for its derogatory undertone toward a profession undertaking perilous work globally. While assuming the description might have been intended as a joke its tastelessness remains evident, especially considering the risks faced by journalists worldwide.

Despite this controversial item description, The Day Before is beset by far greater issues. The game’s catastrophic launch led to mass player exodus and, consequently, Fntastic’s closure due to the game’s failure. As such, the likelihood of addressing these problems appears slim.

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