Montana becomes first state to ban TikTok on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Motana has banned Tiktok. TikTok no longer operates in the jurisdiction of Montana. Fines of up to $10,000 per day will be implemented for violations.




Montana becomes first state to ban TikTok on Wednesday


Motana became the first US state to ban TikTok on Wednesday.

The law will come into force next year as debate rages on the effectiveness and safety of the popular video app.

The Governor Greg Gianforte ban, signed into law, will serve as the legal test for a national ban of the Chinese-owned platform.

The source said.”TikTok does not operate in the territorial jurisdiction of Montana state’s website,”  

Violates every time “User uses TikTok and offers access to TikTok and also for downloads”

A daily fine of $10,000 applies for each violation of TikTok.

According to law, Apple and Google must remove TikTok from their app stores and the companies must pay daily fines.

The move will almost certainly be challenged by lawsuits against TikTok Company.

Montana policy director Keegan Medrano says “state political leaders” have crushed hundreds of Montanans for free speech. The app is used to collect information and run business in the name of anti-Chinese sentiment.

 company source said “Governor Gianforte has signed a bill that violates the First Amendment rights of the people of Montana, bans TikTok,”

Top 10 weirdest smart home gadgets of 2023

Top 10 weirdest smart home gadgets of 2023




  1. Smart Toilets: Smart toilets are already available, but they are expected to become more prevalent in the coming years. These toilets are equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the water temperature, pressure, and even flush the toilet.
  2. Smart Mirrors: Smart mirrors can provide you with weather forecasts, news updates, and even fitness data. Some models even come with built-in cameras that can analyze your skin and suggest skincare products.
  3. Smart Fridges: Smart fridges can keep track of your groceries, suggest recipes based on the food you have, and even order groceries for you. Some models can even play music or display recipes on a screen built into the door.
  4. Smart Mattresses: Smart mattresses can adjust their firmness, temperature, and even provide data on your sleep patterns to help you improve your sleep quality.
  5. Smart Locks: Smart locks can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app, and some models can even recognize your face or fingerprint to unlock the door.
  6. Smart Toothbrushes: Smart toothbrushes can provide real-time feedback on your brushing technique, and some models can even suggest personalized brushing routines.
  7. Smart Planters: Smart planters can monitor the moisture level and temperature of the soil, and automatically water your plants when necessary.
  8. Smart Air Purifiers: Smart air purifiers can monitor the air quality in your home and adjust their settings accordingly to provide you with clean, fresh air.
  9. Smart Water Bottles: Smart water bottles can track your daily water intake, remind you to drink water, and even suggest personalized hydration goals.
  10. Smart Pet Feeders: Smart pet feeders can dispense food automatically based on your pet’s feeding schedule, and some models can even dispense treats and play with your pet remotely.

Succession Planning in Family Business, Example, Importance

Succession Planning in Family Business, Example, Importance



Succession Planning in Family Business

Succession planning in family businesses is the process of identifying and preparing the next generation of leaders to take over the business when the current generation steps down or retires. Here are some key steps to take when creating a succession plan for a family business:


family business succession plan example

1.Identify potential successors: Start by identifying family members who are interested in taking over the business and have the skills and experience needed to lead the company. Consider their strengths, weaknesses, and qualifications, and identify any gaps in skills or knowledge that need to be addressed.

2.Develop a training and development plan: Once potential successors have been identified, create a plan for training and developing their skills and knowledge to prepare them for leadership roles. This could include on-the-job training, mentoring, and formal training programs.

3.Establish clear roles and responsibilities: Clarify the roles and responsibilities of each family member in the business to avoid confusion and ensure a smooth transition. Develop job descriptions and performance metrics to provide clarity and accountability.

4.Develop a transition plan: Develop a plan for transferring ownership and leadership of the business to the next generation. This could include transferring ownership gradually over time or in a lump sum, establishing a board of directors or advisory board, and creating a contingency plan in case of unexpected events.

5.Communicate the plan: Communication is key when it comes to succession planning in family businesses. Be open and transparent with family members about the plan, and involve them in the decision-making process as much as possible.

6.Regularly review and update the plan: Succession planning is an ongoing process, and the plan should be regularly reviewed and updated as circumstances change.


importance of succession planning in family business

1.Ensures business continuity: Without a succession plan in place, the sudden departure of the business owner can lead to confusion, uncertainty, and instability within the company. Succession planning helps to ensure that the business can continue to operate smoothly even in the absence of the current owner.

2.Facilitates a smooth transition: Succession planning helps to ensure that the transfer of ownership and leadership of the business to the next generation is as smooth and seamless as possible. This can help to minimize disruptions to the business and ensure that the new leadership team is well-prepared to take over.

3.Identifies and develops future leaders: Succession planning helps to identify and develop the next generation of leaders within the family. By providing training and development opportunities, family members can be prepared to take on leadership roles within the business and continue the family legacy.

4.Protects family wealth: A well-executed succession plan can help to protect the family’s wealth and assets by ensuring that they are managed and distributed according to the family’s wishes.

5.Provides peace of mind: Succession planning can provide peace of mind to the current owner and the next generation of family members by clarifying roles and responsibilities, establishing clear expectations, and ensuring that the family business will continue to thrive for generations to come.

King Charles to feature on Coronation coins unveiled 50p and £5

King Charles to feature on Coronation coins unveiled 50p and £5


A new series of coins to celebrate the upcoming coronation will feature King Charles wearing a crown.

This includes a 50p and £5 coin which will be released ahead of the historic 6 May celebration at the end of the month.

The coins were designed by Martin Jennings and modeled on highly collectible coins depicting King Charles III wearing the Tudor crown.

The Tudor Crown was personally chosen for the portrait by the king, despite having been destroyed in the 1640s.

This continues in the tradition of a single crown being used as portraits of previous 20th-century monarchs, including the great-grandfather King George VI on coronation coins . 


what is coronation coins?

Coronation coins are commemorative coins issued to celebrate the coronation of a monarch. A coronation is a ceremony in which a new monarch is officially crowned and invested with the powers and responsibilities of their office.

Coronation coins have been issued throughout history, dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. In modern times, coronation coins have been issued for the coronations of British monarchs, including King George VI in 1937, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, and most recently, King George V in 1911.

Coronation coins are often highly collectible and can have significant value to collectors, depending on their rarity and condition. They typically feature a portrait of the monarch on the obverse (front) and a design related to the coronation on the reverse (back), such as the coronation crown or the coronation procession.


value of coronation coins

The value of coronation coins can vary widely depending on several factors, including their rarity, age, condition, and historical significance. Some coronation coins may be worth only a few dollars, while others can be valued at thousands or even millions of dollars.

For example, a rare gold sovereign coin issued for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902 was recently sold for over £500,000 (approximately $675,000 USD) at auction. Another example is a rare silver crown coin issued for the coronation of King George IV in 1821, which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s important to note that the value of any coin can fluctuate over time and can depend on market conditions and collector demand. If you are interested in learning more about the value of a specific coronation coin, it’s best to consult with a reputable coin dealer or appraiser who can provide a professional evaluation.

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