Blue Beetle Set to Soar on Max: Release Date for DC Studios

Fans eagerly anticipating the arrival of Blue Beetle on the small screen can mark their calendars as the movie is set to premiere on Max on November 17. Here are the key details and points about the release:



Blue Beetle Set to Soar on Max: Release Date for DC Studios

Release Date:

Blue Beetle will premiere on Max on November 17.

Viewing Options:

The movie can be accessed for free with a new Prime Video subscription offering a 7-day free trial of Max.

For paid options, Blue Beetle is available for purchase or rental on various platforms including Prime Video, Apple TV, BT TV, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Rakuten TV, Sky Store and Virgin Movies.

Budget and Reception:

Despite a reported $100 million budget, Blue Beetle did not perform exceptionally at the box office.

Reviews, however, were generally positive with praise directed towards the lead character Jaime Reyes and the Reyes family dynamic.

Review Highlights:

A review by CBR described the film as a pleasant surprise acknowledging occasional struggles under the weight of ambition and world-building.

Despite challenges the film was deemed likely to win over fans.

Creative Team and Support:

Blue Beetle features a script by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and is directed by Angel Manuel Soto.

Notably, former DC director Zack Snyder showed support for the film and numerous Latino organizations endorsed it during the SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Homage to Superman:

The film pays homage to Cavill’s Superman, despite David Corenswet being cast for 2025’s Superman Legacy.

Future in the DCU:

Blue Beetle’s place in the DC Universe is assured though the specific form it takes is uncertain.

James Gunn expressed excitement about the character Jaime Reyes hinting at his significant role in the DCU’s future.

Talks between Gunn and Blue Beetle director Soto suggest an interest in continuing Jaime’s story, possibly through the upcoming Booster Gold series or direct sequels.

Actor’s Perspective:

Xolo MaridueƱa, who portrays Jaime Reyes has expressed openness to future opportunities, expressing hope for at least 12 more years in the role.

Film Synopsis:

Warner Bros. Pictures produced Blue Beetle, telling the story of recent college grad Jaime Reyes.

Upon returning home, Jaime discovers an ancient relic of alien biotechnology the Scarab, which bestows upon him an extraordinary suit of armor and unpredictable powers transforming him into the superhero BLUE BEETLE.

Premiere and Theatrical Release:

Blue Beetle premiered in U.S. theaters on August 18, 2023 and is set to hit Max on November 17.

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