Behind the Scenes: Helen George’s Love Life Amidst Call the Midwife’s On-Screen Drama


Behind the Scenes: Helen George’s Love Life Amidst Call the Midwife’s On-Screen Drama


It seems like there’s quite a lot happening in Helen George’s life both on and off-screen. Her character Trixie Franklin on “Call the Midwife” is facing some challenges especially in her love life, mirroring some personal struggles Helen herself has experienced.

The reports suggest that Trixie might be experiencing another setback in her romantic life as her on-screen husband is being written out of the show. Similarly, Helen has had some ups and downs in her own relationships, going through a split with her former co-star Jack Ashton, who played Rev Tom Hereward and previously ending her marriage to fellow actor Oliver Boot.

Her experiences seem to inform her performances, as she mentioned drawing from her own life as a single mother to connect with her character in a recent stage production. Despite the parallels between her personal life and her roles, she’s clarified that she’s currently not involved with anyone romantically.

The upcoming Christmas special of “Call the Midwife” promises some intriguing plotlines, including Trixie’s family dynamics and Sister Monica Joan’s concerns. Helen has expressed excitement about the episode highlighting the importance of family moments within the show.

It seems like Helen’s professional and personal life intersect in some ways, adding depth to her performances while navigating her own challenges. “Call the Midwife” fans will likely be tuning in to see how Trixie’s story unfolds this Christmas on BBC One.


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