Andrew Walker Married His Dream Girl: The Hallmark Star’s Real-Life Love Story


Andrew Walker Married His Dream Girl: The Hallmark Star’s Real-Life Love Story


Hallmark Success:

Canadian actor Andrew Walker has achieved significant success with Hallmark playing diverse roles in popular series like When Calls the Heart and lead roles in beloved Christmas movies.


Upcoming Movie:

Walker’s latest project “Christmas Island” is set to premiere on Hallmark as part of the Countdown to Christmas event on November 11, 2023. The film features Walker as an air traffic controller helping a stranded pilot played by Rachel Skarsten create the perfect Christmas.


Real-Life Love Story:

Andrew Walker’s off-screen love life mirrors the romance found in Hallmark movies. He has been married to Cassandra Troy since 2004.

The couple both Canadians first met in their home country and connected over a shared love for nature.


Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Walker and Troy co-founded the juice company “Little West” in 2013 showcasing their shared passion for healthy living and entrepreneurship.

Troy an advocate for real food, fitness, and adventure, frequently shares their outdoor adventures and yoga practices on social media.


Elopement and Family:

After several years of dating Walker and Troy eloped in 2012. They celebrated their anniversary in 2017 expressing mutual love and gratitude.

The couple welcomed their first child, West Bryon Walker in 2015 followed by the birth of their second son, Wolf Reinhard Walker on Christmas Day 2019.


Social Media Moments:

Both Walker and Troy regularly share glimpses of their family life on social media documenting adventures and their children’s milestones.


Heartfelt Tributes:

Walker frequently expresses his love and appreciation for his wife on Instagram, marking special occasions with heartfelt messages and sweet tributes.

On Mother’s Day 2023 Walker celebrated Troy’s dedication as a wife and mother, expressing gratitude for her unwavering commitment.


Long-Lasting Marriage:

In a 2019 interview Walker attributed the enduring success of his marriage to communication. He emphasized the importance of staying in their respective lanes and maintaining open communication.


Humor in Relationships:

When asked if he applies scenes or plots from his movies to his real-life relationship, Walker humorously responded that he doesn’t, as his wife would notice. He highlighted the enjoyment of watching his films together.

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