Amy Robach Opens Up About Divorce and Letting Go of ‘Worldly Possessions’

Amy Robach shared personal insights about her divorce from Andrew Shue on the latest episode of the Amy and T.J. Podcast. During the show, Robach discussed the past year acknowledging the significant impact of her separation from Shue. As a result of the divorce the former Good Morning America personality underwent changes including selling a considerable number of her personal belongings.



Amy Robach Opens Up About Divorce and Letting Go of ‘Worldly Possessions’


During an episode of the “Amy and T.J. Podcast” Amy Robach, 50, shared profound insights gained in 2023 amidst her divorce from Andrew Shue referencing the value of happiness despite losing material possessions.

Addressing her experience Robach explained, “You can lose your job, your reputation, friends and a significant part of your worldly possessions and still find happiness.” Her boyfriend, T.J. Holmes, 46, inquired about the meaning behind “worldly possessions” to which Robach elaborated mentioning a considerable amount of selling and giving away items.

Engaging in a lighthearted exchange, Holmes humorously referred to it as a “great yard sale.” The couple further discussed the lessons learned in 2023 during their podcast’s inaugural episode of the year.

Robach appeared to allude to Shue in her reflections expressing, “I’ve learned that you don’t really know someone until you divorce them.” The relationship between Holmes and Robach surfaced in November 2022 while both were still married to Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, respectively. Following the public disclosure of their relationship, both filed for divorce from their spouses. They addressed the situation when their podcast premiered last month.

According to Robach, she and Shue separated in the summer of 2022, although the news didn’t reach a wider audience until later. The couple, married since 2010, didn’t share children together but had children from prior marriages. Robach has maintained a connection with Shue’s sons from his previous marriage emphasizing her continued relationship with them even after the divorce.

“Amy remains involved in their lives” a source exclusively shared with Us Weekly in August. “She’s still in touch with them, maintaining communication despite not being present in their daily lives.”


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